What to look for when choosing head lice treatment product?

30 August 2019, 12:18

Finding lice in a child’s hair is usually very stressful situation for child itself as well as for parents. However, do not panic and act immediately instead. First step is to buy head lice treatment product in a retail pharmacy. While choosing the product, it is worth paying attention to a few aspects such as composition, effectiveness, safety and convenience of application. You will quickly realize that the choice of lice remedies is very wide and include lotions, foams, shampoos, sprays, etc. Manufacturers promise a quick results and 100% efficacy.

So how to choose wisely? What to look for?

– Composition

Choose the product that works based on physical mode of action causing suffocation and dehydration of lice and nits. Only such mode of action prevents from acquiring resistance of parasites to the product.

– Match the packaging capacity to the length and type of hair

Describe the type of hair when buying the product in the retail pharmacy. Length and type of hair matters. For two or more children it is better to choose bigger and family friendly pack instead.

– Product efficacy

Choose the product which is effective after just a single use. Read carefully the directions enclosed on the outer pack and in manual instruction. Information about repeating the treatment after 7 or 10 days means the product is not fully effective. The crucial parameter is 100% efficacy against nits.

– The presence of hair comb in the package

Head lice eggs (nits) are tightly attached to hair with cement like substance and unfortunately, they are not soluble in water. Therefore, even after using fully effective treatment, manual removing of nits by thorough combing is required. The comb itself should be metal and tooth-fine to make this part successful.

– Method of application

It is important to cover the hair thoroughly. Applying the product to hair, especially longer one, will be much easier when using in the form of a spray bottle. Hair should be separated into smaller sections and then into strands. After applying the solution, you can additionally massage it into the hair.

– Read the instruction of use!

Read the manual instruction before treatment and follow it accordingly. Do not shorten the time of treatment under no circumstances.

– Use preventive product to avoid re-infestation

Remember, that a child may still be in contact with the other children who have been infected. It is worth to get preventive product together with the treatment one. (for example Nitolic treat and prevent).

Worth to know

– Head lice and nits can survive away from human head for 2 days or up to 2 weeks, respectively. Therefore, after the treatment is completed it is necessary to clean the house thoroughly, wash the clothes, bed linens and towels in high temperature or with special laundry additive (for example Nitolic Wash). If there are carpets in the household, vacuum them thoroughly and throw away the content of the vacuum cleaner. Remember to check the heads of all other family members.

Inform other parents and teachers about the problem. Even short note passed through on-line school portals would be helpful. Educational facility and other parents should start act immediately.