Head lice

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Head lice

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It is estimated that every fourth child in the world will get lice once in their life. The problem of head lice is found in all climate zones and it affects children and adults regardless of their social status. Until recent time, head lice was associated with poverty and dirt. However, it turns out that good personal hygiene and economic status is irrelevant. Nowadays, head lice are a serious problem in large cities and highly developed countries.

What is head lice?

For schools and daycares

The highest number of head lice infestations is recorded among preschool and school children. If lice are found in the facility, it is extremely important to have an ability to approach the topic and implement any immediate action to prevent head lice from spreading. As an experts in lice treatment, we have been providing help and materials for teachers and parents for almost 30 years.

For Healthcare Professionals

Nowadays, head lice treatment is easy and feasible just after a single treatment. The key elements while choosing the right solution is complexity of therapy and usage of the product that is most effective after a single application. It is worth to recommend a solution like NITOLIC®, which effectiveness and safety has been confirmed in both consumers and clinical trials.

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