How to prevent lice infestation?

30 August 2019, 12:18

Pediculosis is a source of strong stress and shame resulting from the negative reception of the child by the surrounded environment. Untreated disease spreads very quickly, especially in places like schools and kindergartens. Current regulations, which restrict school nurses’ right to conduct hair inspections without parental consent make the situation even worse. Therefore, parents’ vigilance is very important – frequent checks of children’s hair, and in the event of head lice infestation – quick and effective intervention – meaning quick application of a proven lice remedy.

A reasonable solution that only few parents choose is to inform other parents and the teachers about the problem. This will increase vigilance, control the heads of children, and implement measures to stop the development of head lice.

Parents should be aware of risk of re-infestation, when their child returns to school. Thus, it is worth to use head lice prevention sprays on a daily basis to minimize the risks even more.

Everyone but especially parents who struggle with pediculosis re-infestations, agree that it is better to prevent than treat. To minimize the risk of getting infected with lice:

  • tie your child’s longer hair into a ponytail or braid
  • explain that he or she should not borrow personal belongings like hats, elastics, combs and hairbrushes from other children (as it is possible to get infested indirectly; head lice can survive up to 2 days away from human’s head and nits for up to 2 weeks, hence their possible presence on objects or fabrics)
  • use products that prevents from infestation

Recommended for this purpose is Nitolic prevent plus, which formula was developed by the Polish company ICB Pharma taking into account the comfort of children and parents. The product does not oil the hair, has a fresh smell and it protects until first hair wash. It is 100% safe for children as it contains ingredients of natural origin. Finally, it can be used even every day if needed.