Spray to treat head lice infestation caused by head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis).

Mode of action:

  • elimination of active developmental stages of head lice,
  • elimination of nits (eggs).

Content: Cyclomethicone, polysorbate 80, isopropyl myristate

Nitolic® has a physical mode of action. It does not contain any substances with neurotoxicity effect ( like insecticides)
It can be used on children from 2 years of age.

Nitolic® is a mixture of isopropyl myristate, cyclomethicone and a specially selected surfactant that guarantees good “spreading” (proliferation) of the product, as well as its subsequent washing after the procedure is completed.

The O-effect® technology used in the product ensures immediate immobilization of active developmental stages of head lice and blocks their breathing apparatus. The eggs suffocate as a result of clogging aeropiles located on the egg lids, which prevents from gas exchange. The physical mode of action prevents parasite from building up a resistance to the formulation.

It has the Certificate of the National Institute of Public Health No. PZH /FT-3800/2021 valid until 17.06.2024.


The high result of performance test of O-effect® technology proved how important parameter is accurate and fast coverage of the hair roots together with all developmental stages of the parasite (eggs, nymphs, adult lice). This is a key element that guarantees the effectiveness of the product without using any active ingredients (e.g. insecticides).

Efficacy of head lice and their eggs elimination after a single 60-minute exposure to Nitolic® was tested in Cambridge (UK).

Nitolic® has been also tested by Federal Service for the Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection, Human Wellbeing Federal Budgetary Scientific Establishment and Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectology (FBSE SRI of Disinfectology at Rosbotrebnadzor).

Nitolic® has been confirmed as SAFE by toxicological and dermatological tests. The product does not cause any irritation nor sensitization.

O-effect - chart


O-effect - image

Nitolic® prevent plus


Used for the prevention of head lice infestations (pediculosis). It is recommended to use on scalp and hair.

Content: dimethicone, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, oils (tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil).

Product creates a protective film on the hair surface which stops colonization of the parasite and settlement of eggs(nits). The physical mode of action prevents against head lice infestation and decrease the risk of re-infestation.

Hydrolyzed wheat proteins moisturize the scalp and hair, making them healthier and shiner. It is recommended to use at least twice a week or more often, when head lice have been detected in the surrounded environment ( like at daycare or school). Full protection lasts until the first hair wash.

The product received a positive opinion of the Toxicology and Risk Assessment Department of the National Institute of Public Health (PZH) in terms of safety for people and the environment.

The effectiveness and safety of the evaluated product have been confirmed by the analysis of the scientific reports in regards to the active ingredients as well as the manufacturer’s own tests on effectiveness, irritation and sensitization.

The product has been tested in toxicological and dermatological tests. It has the Certificate of the National Institute of Public Health No. PZH/FT-3812/2021 valid until 09.07.2024.

Nitolic Prevent - image

NITOLIC® and NITOLIC® prevent plus are Medical Devices Class I.

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